Why Doesn’t God Destroy Satan?

Upon hearing the news of yet another senseless tragedy, I sometimes lose heart. I even admit to struggling with ill-will feelings towards God. God, why don’t you just destroy the forces of evil already?!

I can go on and on when it comes to the sin which abounds here on earth: the Parkland, Florida shooting; bombs which kill innocent civilians in countries like Syria; and the horror stories of young women caught in the insidious web of sex trafficking.

I raise imaginary fists at God. Why aren’t you doing anything, God? Why does suffering continue? Do you even act on our behalf?

But then I stop to think: What about friends and families and strangers who haven’t yet heard the miraculous Good News? What about backsliding saints? What if God wants to develop your faith for times like this?

Our Adversary’s Origin

Before God fashioned and formed humanity, our adversary existed. Isaiah 14:12 reads, “How art thou fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” Lucifer means “bearer of light” or morning star.

In heaven, Satan was an angel of splendid beauty and intelligence, he held a powerful position. It is no wonder the downfall of mankind had and has much to do with subtle idolatry today. Christians aren’t exempt from what taints non-Christians.  Our own hearts can covet: ruthless ambition, position, even the desire to control or manipulate. And sadly, those desires of the flesh are where our adversary operates.

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    4 days ago

    Jessica, I read your article on CrossWalk. Your insights have touched me and I am tremendously grateful to you for sharing them with another believer. You have a God-given vision.

    • Jessica
      4 days ago

      So grateful to hear this, Gerald. It’s not easy writing hard, biblical truth, so I thank you for your spritual maturity. May the King of Kings keep watch over you.

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