Life Storms

When Life Gets Gritty

We all need the calming presence of water: fresh or salt, ocean or lake—no matter, beaches benefit mind and soul.

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If you focus on the jagged granules of sand, you realize they’re exceptionally small fragments, collectively forming sand which meets the surf.

And when your own heart is in fragments beloved, It is God’s tranquility which envelopes you.

You await an eternal bond which promises to fully heal your heart and soul.

  • A racing mind.
  • Restless calls of anxiety.
  • Fear of the unknown.

An emotional scourge which leaves us feeling vulnerable…abrasive

Summer Tempests may come, but Temporary they are.



I’m reminded of Japanese pearl harvesters of the 16th Century and the rare gems they dove to collect

Although profoundly beautiful, pearls are actually considered geological abnormalities.

So when our lives bring us words or circumstances far from normal, remember:


When Grit overwhelms us, We have the opportunity to become Pearls of Beauty

When those very hard moments or storms leave you reeling in turmoil, when our hearts are fragmented

know this…

Christ fills and smooths jagged fragments—bonding us to Him, leaving us as pearls

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 Pieces // Brave New World // Amanda Cook




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