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When God’s Provision Overshadows Lack

“They let me go,” he whispered to me that fateful morning seven years ago. We were a week away from closing on a cobalt-blue colonial, but when my husband lost his job, that piece of real estate slipped through our fingers. In the middle of our very good life, bad arrived unannounced and yanked the rug out from under our feet. 

On one income, the cupboards emptied faster than expected. Bills overshadowed paychecks. And in that third-floor apartment, tiny wars erupted as grumbling and tensions rose. Even still, I can look back now and see how we experienced provision where we felt lack: our daughters were given generous financial aid packages, we were still able to do simple staycations, and enduring love overcame our momentary rifts… 

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    2 months ago

    Our God says that He will always provide. It isn’t an easy time for those experiencing such difficulties, yet for those who truly trust in His words, “things” will be OK.

    • Jessica
      2 months ago

      Amen, Gerald! Thanks for your words.

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