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What Does it Mean to Petition God?

Just as humans settle civil or legal injustices in the United States court systems, believers are able to petition God. One of God’s greatest roles is that of Divine Judge.

God is interested in knowing the details of our cases. Through mercy and divine favor, he uses unfathomable wisdom and mighty angels to work on behalf of our prayers and supplications.

There are many “court matters” we can petition our Father for: favor in the career realm. Temporary difficulties or distresses, even rightly judging the perfect will for our lives.

But what is a petition? How do we make a petition to God?

First, let’s begin with what a petition is:
a is a formal request for something asked in a respectful and humble manner.

As Christians, we can enter God’s heavenly courtroom make our requests. How one asks matters–we should ask respectfully and with a humble attitude.

In humble awe we can ask of God, knowing that if it’s in His will, our requests will be answered.

Unique circumstances, the right people, and opportune moments allow for honest petitions to be answered.

Just remember, what we ask for usually occurs in His time, not ours.

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There are many “court matters” we can petition our Father for



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