Anger Marriage

The Tale of the Tirade

A divine set-up. Can’t call it anything else, Malleable Ones. The Divine Excavator showed up In the middle of my four-week series on Pyrite Pitfalls.

Wanna know something? I wasn’t the one spreading peace and joy. Quite the opposite actually. I was guilty. I spewed venom. Malleable unleashed more like it!


A tirade of sharp daggers directed at my helpmate.

I wasn’t operating in the fruits of the spirit. I threw words of frustration at him. That man ducked left and right at my words of anger.

At the end of my meltdown, he didn’t offer me the silent treatment. He didn’t storm out of the house.

He just placed his lips on my forehead and loved me well. He loved the evil out of my heart.

Hot tears.

A raw knot of release.

Warmth emanated from his eyes. Those dark brown eyes have witnessed every shade of feeling since 1990.

Every dream.

Every valley.

Every mountain.

Shattered hope and rebuilt promises.

“Sorry,” I whispered, raspy-voiced still.

I offered to fold the clean laundry that I had toppled over. We stood in silence and folded all sorts of clothing.

A soothing lull. Saturday morning light warmed our feet. Two weary souls, exhausted from the ups and downs that life brings.

Almost-bare cupboards.

Stolen bounty.

Poor budgeting.

Silly purchases.

Friends, I wish I could’ve shown you my Pay-Day Two-Step which occurred a few days after.

[bctt tweet=”Carnal words collapse the spiritual integrity of our sacred spaces”]

I operated in complete carnality and I pretty much threw rotten fruit at my mate. No fruits of the spirit last Saturday, ladies.

A fool always loses his temper, but a wise man holds it back–Proverbs 29:11

My pent-up anger and frustration was overcome by a heavenly grace that operated through my husband.

My anger was a response to what was occurring in my private domain. After it was all said and done, we got to talking about the underlying issues.

Gentle words.


A crucial conversation.

And a renewed haven of redeeming hope–once again.

Do you let anger fester? Or do you spew? How have you handled this natural emotion?



  • I lose it from time to time and I feel so convicted afterward. My habit isn’t spending; it’s alone time. God gave me a man whose love language is physical touch and quality time. God wants to teach me about family and about mending emotional hurts through Him. He gave me the perfect helpmate and I must be careful and I must be trusting and forgiving. This post is so real and so eloquent and poetic. Thank you for being vulnerable in this way and for allowing us a glimpse into what real hom elife is like for many. I’m a stuffer so I spew. I feel that wearing my heart on my sleeve is the easiest form of communication for me right now. And he loves me through it. Sounds like yours does as well. God is marvelous. How he loves us through them. Hugs and blessing, my beautiful and courageous friend. Eres mujer maravillosa y querida. God’s got us. <3 – Caro

  • Alicia
    2 years ago

    I’ve been thinking about this since I first read it. Almost eleven years of marriage and four kids, and I loose my temper so much more than I ever have in my life. Learning to be humble and ask for forgiveness has been rough but rewarding!

    • Jessica Galán
      2 years ago

      Parenting stretches us; it’s such a sacrificial and challenging role. I had those moments when my daughters were smaller, too. We are pulled in so many directions, by so many people. We must forgive ourselves…Christ does, right? Women have incredible power in the home, we can tear the spiritual and private spheres down in seconds. Alicia, I’ve ate that humble pie countless of times. Praying you up, friend.

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