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The Handmaiden of Raven Hair by Melissa Pereira

“O my dove, (here) in the clefts in the rock,

In the sheltered and secret place of the steep pathway,

Let me see your face,

Let me hear your voice:

For your voice is sweet,

And your face is lovely,” {Song of Songs 2:14}

Once upon a time, there was a young handmaiden who lived in a quiet village nestled under the mountains. She was fair in beauty, her skin rich in hues which mingled with the kisses from the sun.

Her hair was dark, blackened like a raven. She was not clothed in the finest of silk nor was she adorned in costly jewels.

Grace was her garment and a melody of an unknown song exuded a loveliness on anyone who gazed her way. 

As she was tending her Father’s sheep, she noticed one had strayed away. As any good shepherd would do, she searched diligently for the one who’d slipped away.

Her heart raced, pulse rising as the sun dipped low behind the mountains; it was almost time for dusk to fall.

As determined as she was, she would not return back to Father’s land empty-handed. And so she prayed, asking God for help to find the lost lamb.

She walked the green pastures, her hair danced with the cool breeze of the wind.

Her spirit was hopeful as she squinted against the last of the light which illuminated her beauty.

Suddenly, she looks and behold! The lamb was not far away. It was grazing on the goodness of an undiscovered paradise that was lost to a herd centuries ago.

She runs until her breath can no longer sustain the pressure of her lungs gasping for air.

With outstretched arms, the young maiden grabs hold of the lamb, comforting it in her bosom.

But, unbeknownst to the shepherdess, she is not alone. Standing afar, a man was watching the story unfold.

He finds her breathtaking; he is enchanted by the handmaiden’s beauty.

For she is a woman without blemish, perfect in all her imperfect ways. 

A longing for her stirs deep within his heart.

With gentle caution, he walks towards her, enchanted by her allure, captivated by her radiance.

The young woman takes notice, someone is approaching.

Who is coming? Who glows like the sun? Who rides upon the wings of the eagle in all His glory?!

She catches her breath, joy welling deep inside of her. The tears flow like cascades of a waterfall. She cries out:

I am not ready for the one I love to see me in this manner;

I am unclean from the work of the day and the toil of my labor has roughened my tender skin;

the fragrance of myrrh had faded, my hair is un-kept, my clothes soiled. 

I am unfit to stand in the presence of the one whom my heart yearns for.

Yet an eternal battle ensues on her behalf; her emotions well up.

As rivers of life beckon her to stay, no matter her condition. The flesh of her bones pushes her to run, for she stands unworthy.

Her heart is yearning, craving for an unrequited love which has eluded her.

Unable to move, enraptured by His splendidness, the young handmaiden stands to her feet to greet her suitor.

He arrives…she is in awe.

Love exudes from His eyes; He invites her into his arms.

They embrace like two lost lovers.

I have found you, at last,” he says.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

He #invites you to join him on an #adventure of #love and #romance


Melissa Pereira is a proud Latina mamí of two beautiful children who resides in the hip community of Brooklyn, NY. Her passion for writing stems from a love of wanting to share the Gospel of Christ with humor, grace and joy.

Instagram: missy.rose

Twitter: @Missy_p13

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