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Re-calibrating #Platform: 5 Simple Truths You Must Hold On To

Acceptance. The universal desire to be noticed and included.

Recognition. The feeling of elation one experiences when others take notice.

Deep down, we all want to be included.  We want the job. We want the party invitation.

College students work hard for the ‘A’ because quality work and grit earns them prestigious internships.

Dressed up little girls want their parents to take notice. Every son yearns for his father’s encouragement:

Every son yearns for his father’s encouragement: Great job, son. I knew you could do it.

We grind because it brings us personal fulfillment.

We strive because the joy of reaching our goals brings satisfaction. When a potential editor or employer says yes,  pure elation occurs. Pitched words that become accepted pieces bring happiness.

I get it, writing friend. But what happens when striving slowly erodes our ability to spiritually thrive?

Is Your Sole-Focus Impeding Soul-Focus?

Is it just me, or are you feeling a little weary while you rock your game? Don’t get me wrong, now. For writers, words are the game. We write because it anchors us. Life’s ups and downs compel us to collect our hopes and ideas through words.

Writing is sheer pleasure. Reading is pure joy. But lately? I’m wavering, literary lovers. 

I’m wavering because the writing world tells me I need a big platform. Agents inform me that my words won’t stand a change unless I have 5,ooo followers, friends, or likes. Then, and only then, does my proposal have a chance at a pub board meeting.

Last year, my sole focus was garnering attention that would engage an audience. My hope was to hook my readers with catchy blog-post titles and free e-books. In the end, hardly anyone downloaded my beautifully-designed e-book. Striving for platform cost me valuable family time and key moments. It left me exhausted. It kept me wanting.

 Sandcastles are temporary– only meant for momentary joy.  

Maybe platforms are like sandcastles. Created with effort and time and grit. We marvel at their beauty. Yet eventually, they’re overpowered by the deep blue sea. Maybe we need to be overpowered, too.

Mary DeMuth, author of Beautiful Battle recently wrote on the struggle in building platform, “This pursuit can swiftly become an idol when we prioritize our kingdoms over the kingdom of God.”

Platform building is alluring, a dangling carrot to our soul-hunger for recognition and acceptance.

Me. Myself. and I.

Sound familiar? It banished a lofty-Lucifer heart. Has garnering an audience trumped Christ’s original intent?

 Ezekiel 28:17 reads, “Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor,” (NIV). 

It’s okay to grit and grind for your words!

 In time, the right people will crash into them. We must listen to the soft rifts of the spirit. They break us from the frenzy of worldly ascension. And that’s a good thing.

Simple Truths to Remember

  1. Be an empty vessel: empty vessels receive supernatural strength–it’s evident in our words.
  2. Listen to His Leading: discernment frees you to compose stories backed by the Spirit of God.
  3. Practice Patience: In time your words will reach the right readers. 
  4. Write for one lovely soul: be the writer who energizes and empowers one reader alone.
  5. Enjoy the Craft: hone your voice and grow in the writer’s journey.

Re-Calibrate Your Soul For Supernatural Truth

Christ-followers, have one commission alone: to share the redemptive love and redeeming work of the cross. Praise and notoriety fuels our soul (mind, will, intellect) not our spirit.

May we never forget that building platform is secondary to worship, serving, and our families.

Stand on one #Platform alone: human experiences which resonate deeply with readers.


Get off the stage and stand beside your readers.

Meet them on a line that equalizes all: answered prayers. varied struggles. deep heartache. steadfast hope.

In His time, our messages will be placed into the right hands and hearts.



  • Nancy K. Sullivan
    2 years ago

    Thank you for this important encouragement, Jessica. God Bless.

    • Jessica Galán
      2 years ago

      You got it, Nancy! Be kept in HIM!

  • Vuyo Ngcakani
    2 years ago

    Very well written, Jessica. Many times, in my busyness, I’ve excluded time with God, because I ‘had no time’. But when I take time to be with Him, whatever I’m doing, is done so much better. Spending time with the Lord is never wasted.
    Love your blog.

    • Jessica Galán
      2 years ago

      Vuyo, Christ lives inside of us,a flame that when kindled, makes all things better. Thanks for stopping by! jess

  • Sharon
    2 years ago

    Your message comes at the perfect time for me, a time when my writing feels depleted and lonely. Over the past few weeks, I carry both a yearning and sense of failure for my craft. Just the other day, I thought to myself, “My writing is taking so much time away from my family—and my life! And for what?!”

    “Is your sole-focus impeding soul-focus?” Wow! Thanks for the reminder that my words will come, in His time.

    And Dear Friend, I pray that your feet find home on the platform that always holds those 5 Simple Truths.

    • Jessica Galán
      2 years ago

      Sharon, amen and amen. In the end all that matters is a living and eternal word. We are His ‘word-agents’ alone. Love you, friend.

  • Emily Conrad
    2 years ago

    This is so true! It’s so easy to let our hearts become proud or focused on that platform when we need to focus on our God instead. Thank you for this reminder.

    • Jessica Galán
      2 years ago

      Hi Emily! They say that we become what we gaze at most…I need to reflect on that. Been having tremendous peace about the when and how of my words.

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