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Protect Your “Lovely” A Devotional for G.L.A.M Camp for Girls, Inc.

God delights in young women who dwell in “who” they’re becoming. So what do you think of when you hear the word: boundary? Do you see it as something that keeps others out? Do you think it keeps you hemmed in? You know what? It’s actually a little of both.dwell-devotional-square-1

Let me explain: Boundaries are meant to protect you. Boundaries actually allow you to be fully YOU! Your way of being. Your way of relating to others. What you believe about yourself, the skills and talents that you’re developing, the young woman that you are presently becoming. Boundaries guard your heart and your future….

I’d love if you’d continue reading my featured devotional with a special young woman or girl in your own life:



Alexis Brown

G.L.A.M (Girls Leadership and Mentoring) Camp is a 3 and 4-day event for teen and tween girls that takes place  in different cities across the United states.  For 2016 we will be taking our mission across the country on both East and West Coasts!

Founded by Melinda Watts, it provides girls a safe environment to learn and grow. The Dream Girlz Gathering Foundation desires to help position young women for the future by providing age-appropriate sessions focused around goal-setting, leadership development and peer-mentoring.

GLAM Camp focuses on building leaders of this generation and empowering them to walk out that leadership in their churches, schools and communities.



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