The Finding: A Guest Post at Creative and Free…

Love Notes,For Your Eyes Only!


This fabulous woman right here?  She challenged me to write a prose poem.  Can I tell you that she stretched my potential.

 Check out my love poem, entitled: The Finding.

Christina Hubbard is a fellow Compel Writer’s Group Leader: we encourage others in the writing craft.

I realized the value of poets and their words.  Can I count on you to check out Christina Hubbard’s ‘on fleek’ website: Creative and Free?  Get your love on.  And subscribe to her powerful words today!



  • Jessica,

    Your words are golden nuggets glistening in the sun ready to be plucked from the earth and tucked away into our pockets for safe keeping. You inspire me to no end, my fearless leader. Mujer de Dios, your way with words stops me dead in my tracks. Thank you, for being faithful to your call to write. Gracias a Dios.


  • Christina Hubbard
    3 years ago

    Jessica, girl, I feel so cool right now! Blessed beyond. Your poem is absolutely one of my favorites. I keep rereading it. (and learned a new word-chicanery!) Love love love!

    • Jessica Galán
      3 years ago

      I love what you collected! About to read them in depth! ; ) xo

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