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Like Whispers Between Bunk Beds by Abby McDonald

It’s an hour past their bedtime and I hear giggling from outside the door. These two boys of mine are sharing a bedroom for the third night as we await the arrival of baby sister, and they are loving it.

I marvel at how they can be yelling at each other one moment and hugging necks the next. And as much as little brother drives firstborn crazy, he is always there to pick him up when he falls.

They disagree on many things. Their personalities are as different as night and day.

One likes chocolate ice cream; the other is a fan of vanilla. One follows the rules and instructions, and the other likes to make up his own.

But at the end of the day, they are still brothers. No matter what differences divide them, their brotherly love still unites them.

In Romans 12:10, Paul tells us to “love one another with brotherly affection.”  The Greeks had a name for this type of love: storge.

It’s a familiarity. An assurance that no matter what arguments or struggles may come, your family will always be there. No matter what.

When I look at the church today and see all the conflicting views, theologies and opinions, I want to remember Paul’s command. Because if we are in Christ, at the end of the day we are still family.

Christ’s blood doesn’t pick and choose. It covers us as one.

Like whispers between bunk beds, his Spirit is moving among the church. He longs to unify- the ultimate display of his love.

Let’s look past the opinions that divide us and remember the One who unites us: Christ.


Abby McDonald is a mom, wife and writer who desires to show women that the hope of Christ can be found in the middle of life’s messes. She’s learning each day to let his lavish love define her instead of the noise of the world. When she’s not chasing her two boys around or cuddling their new baby girl, you can find her writing about her passion for a God who relentlessly pursues her, even during her darkest times. Abby would love to connect with you on her blog and her growing Facebook community.



  • Kristine
    1 year ago

    What a sweet picture of brotherly love. May we all remember this as we go about our days. God desires to unite us. Amen! Thanks for sharing, Abby and Jessica!

    • Jessica
      1 year ago

      It was a pleasure to have her words here, Kristine. Thanks for stopping by. ❤️

    • Abby McDonald
      1 year ago

      My prayer and my hope today, Kristine. Thank you for your encouragement! Love this series from Jessica.

  • Jana DeVries
    1 year ago

    “Christ’s blood doesn’t pick and choose. It covers us as one.”

    Love, love, love it!

    • Abby McDonald
      1 year ago

      Thank you Jana! So thankful we serve a God who doesn’t play favorites. <3

  • Melissa Pereira
    1 year ago

    Beautiful and touching! It brought a smile to my face thinking of my babies.


    • Abby McDonald
      1 year ago

      Babies have a way of doing that, don’t they? 😉 Thanks so much for reading.

  • Lisa Appelo
    1 year ago

    Abby, ahhh…sibling love. Those picture perfect sibling moments really do give us a picture of what our heavenly Father desires for and from us. I loved your quote and tweeted it.

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