Abiding Faith

Internal Rustling for Your Soul

Fall's PeaceWhere has the time gone? A few weeks ago, I was in my flip-flops. Now I’m opening attic bins searching for ankle boots.

Ahhh. Ankle boots. I have to add an extra layer to hide my knobby ankles…God didn’t bless me with shapely legs. Skinny Latina here in Connecticut.

God did bless me with leaves to watch. Burnt orange ones. Fushia-tipped lovelies.  Crinkled mahogany scattered all around. These leaves flicker and flit about eventually amassing in light-hearted heaps. And once 2:00 a.m. roles in, we’ll have all gotten some extra shut-eye. But the downside of extra sleep is the gray shade that hovers over us at an earlier hour.

So I need all my Malleable Ladies to take the brisk edge of late fall and early winter: one. day. as. it. comes.

[bctt tweet=”Our Divine Excavator illumes within; He offers glints of warmth and tenderness.”]

I have a proposition. Write down one thing that you would like to reshape over the colder months. It could be a softer reply to a berating boss. Or a calmer reaction to an aloof or curt comment that felt subtly harsh. Maybe it’s a back-burner dream that’s on simmer.

Whatever it is, amiga. I want you to begin to reshape a thought, a reply, or unhealthy mind chatter.  Begone old mindset! Focus on cultivating one thing. Take on the mindset of Christ:

* Gentle.
* Steadfast.
* Faithful.
* Purifying.

As we prepare our winter nests…as the cocoon of winter approaches…we can still be reshaped for a God-purpose. So as you imbibe hot tea and journal over your goal, promise Christ and promise yourself that you WILL continue growing spiritually, emotionally, socially– or through a career endeavor.

God HAS you. He has your future. There is a Divine Calling, are you listening for it?

 Does the blare of the world and its temporary allurement call you instead?

Clearly we hear the sounds of the rustling leaves. Could we be ever so still to listen for a reshaping that yearns to transform and edify our souls?

Don’t you dare give up, Malleable One.




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