I Wish You Light This Holy-Day Season…

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I’m wishing you light.

Light profound that warms the desolate places

Radiance which reminds us to never lose our footing when it comes to hope.

I’m wishing you peace.

Peace so deep that it cancels out the shards of darkness which try to rob the calm.

I wish you joy.

Joy that swallows sadness whole.

Unspeakable joy which remains beyond December Days.

Because Redeemer is a gift eternal

Because IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD broke the captives free

Because CHRIST remains when inside evergreen fades brown

This gift of virgin flesh

I wish you blessing

Blessings so profound that you shudder at the realization

That you were carried through and through

When ingratitude whispers: I and me alone

I send The Divine Alloy your way.

Holy Spirit which fills us all with




I wish you this, Malleable Woman of the Highest King….



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