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How Advent Subdues Longing

I find him swaddled in white blankets, his hospital bed pushed against a wall in a narrow stretch of hallway. My cinnamon-skinned father is almost 70. His hair sea-salt white; mustache peppered grey.

It’s his penchant for sweets that lands him in this over-crowded emergency room. He’s a stubborn diabetic refusing to make medicine a daily ritual. He sneaks off to the corner bodega for powdered donuts and gulps of orange juice. Falling into a diabetic coma doesn’t faze him.

A nurse rouses him for his meds. He offers me a sheepish grin when he realizes I’m there. “Nurse, this is my long-lost daughter.”

At three, my parents divorced, and it took years for my father and I to reconnect.

“You feeling okay?” I ask.

“Better now,” he replies, but I sense an undertone of false bravado.

Maybe, when my father dreams, he becomes the brawny man he used to be, living a life of carousing in his native Puerto Rico, eating and drinking whatever he pleases.

I stand guard until he dozes off. After, I make my way through New York City’s Murray Hill neighborhood. The East River wind chills me to the bone but awakens my hunger.

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Matt Lamers



  • carmen rose galan
    8 months ago

    Wow! I thought your dad would be upset but he took it very well, his daughter writing a truthful life that he is living…..

    • Jessica
      8 months ago

      He is stronger and healing, day by day!

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