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Fire & Humility Intermingled

My daughter gifted me with her presence during Winter Break; she attends Rhode Island School of Design.  She’s really understanding the importance of humility and relying on the Holy Spirit as the ‘Soul’ Provider who guides and inspires our creativity.  Enjoy my first-born’s prayer and words.



I want to share a prayer I wrote on the train ride back from home last week. I was just thinking about God’s goodness and all of a sudden I felt overwhelmed with the spirit. The word that immediately  came to mind was “fire.” I knew it was the Holy Spirit trying to tell me something.



I feel like it could be prayed when we feel an outpouring of creativity or when we feel like there is something we need to do for the sake of the Kingdom.

After writing this prayer, I received a confirmation through the word that this prayer does mean something.

Fire is so significant. Matthew 3 talks about the ministry of John the Baptist and how he really just prepared the way for Jesus:

I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire–Matthew 3:11

pray, that this random prayer I was led to write, inspires you. 


Correct me if I am wrong. Correct me and show me a greater path. Show me a higher path! Show me the way you have for me… the right way Jesus. I want to be following your way. You have given me a fire and desire to start something. This something looks and feels like it is going to be hard work.

I have to be ready, I have to be determined, I have to be humble and I have to want to walk with you and trust you on this venture.

Father, I feel this fire. It’s a fire that makes me think deeply.

It’s a fire that makes me question my motives.

It’s a fire that keeps me passionate and focused, nimble and alive.

Fire doesn't destroy or turn matter to ash; fire brings an outpouring of creativity


I have these ideas, I have these visions, I have these dreams.

This fire helps me imagine what could be. This fire encourages me and spurs me on.

At this very moment, this fire is all that I want. Rid me of everything else.

In your name Jesus, I pray,  Amen.



  • Thalia Perry
    2 years ago

    Just simply beautiful! #fire

    • Jessica Galán
      2 years ago

      Hi Lady! Love your comments!

  • Carmen
    2 years ago

    Fire of God is all……….Tremendous prayer!

  • Edgar Guzman
    2 years ago

    Holy Spirit Fire! … 😀 love it!

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