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All Masterpieces Matter by Vernice Holmes


The Artisan of All, The Lord God Almighty, creates a purpose for every soul. This purpose is the original intent for His masterpiece to fulfill. Elohim forms and fashions one-of-a-kind men and women.

God designs a personality to creatively compliment His purpose for that soul. As God smiled and saw that His Art was good, He intensely searched His universe for the perfect combinations of colorful treasures to place within the soul. These treasures are beyond any earthly value; even if it were to be measured in monetary means their wealth could never be calculated.

With supreme craftsmanship God wraps the soul in fragile flesh. Before this Masterpiece can be knit into a womb and displayed in the Earth it must be filled with the Breath of God! And so God blows a Mighty Breath containing artistry that only He can fathom from DNA to chromosomes!

His Majesty fills His Glorious creation with life! And in His Sovereignty God commands us to LIVE!

There is never a reproduction of an Elohim original. You can not order a gallery quality print, or download an original.

Counterfeits are illegal—never produced in God’s Heavenly Studio.

We live in a pop culture society where everyone needs and wants every label but their own. Counterfeits are being produced on factory assembly lines, manufacturing the “next big thing”.

Where are God’s original masterpieces?

Our original lives matter to God.  We have devalued our art and lives; so has the world.








Competition and comparison

If masterpieces continue to express their pain, protests and perspectives through sin and lies, the Art of Elohim remains wholly hidden from its original state of being, from its original  intent.

I am Vernice. A Jewish-Christian. A Black, White Girl from the Bronx, N.Y. As a child I was called Oreo and Casper.

VH 2015

I sketched “fashion girls” of all colors, shapes and sizes on paper, walls and clothing to express my individuality. I was teased about my appearance or dress. Yet, art fueled my passion to purposely original.

Today, as a born-again Christian for the past 24 years I am thankful for the woman that I have become. Surely I should have this sin-identity-creative-thing together, right? Nope! I still struggle with insecurities. I processed some of life’s challenges by taking the ‘high road.’

As a Christian minister and leader, I know it’s important to deal with root issues of pain, disappointment, jealousy or competition. Minimizing and rationalizing is a form of denial. I have shared feelings with a person regarding a situation. The other person shares their view. But in sharing our different perspectives we never came to an agreement so we agreed to disagree. I shared my feelings however at the “end of the day” I minimized how deep the pain was from this conflict of perspectives.

I opened my soul to God. I asked Him to heal me and to heal the relationship…for years. When I identified this ‘creative’ form of denial, I faced the pain, the hurt, the disappointment.

I asked the Holy Spirit to show me my own role in the conflict; I asked for His heart and perspective because I needed to take responsibility for my part in order for my soul to be whole.

Unseen forces of evil are at work when inner conflict rises from our souls or with other people. The kingdom of darkness fuels division and competition, and all other works of the flesh.

We can even agree or disagree with demonic influences through our thoughts-life, attitudes and decisions. Spirits of fear, heaviness, depression, pride see the unhealed places as OPEN INVITATIONS to join us in self-imposed pity parties, jealously jams and depression donuts.


I have found that during these times of the ‘evil gatherings of the soul’ negativity becomes a magnet to you, your spiritual vision becomes dim and creativity is hindered.

Even confusion and procrastination can delay goals where you lose momentum. God’s purposes become compromised.

We must consider God’s perspective, because denial—in some form—vies for our friendships.




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By unconsciously living in this denial, I was not being true to my feelings.

Emotions were not being expressed in healthy ways. Denial can be a way to grieve or cope. Denial is a defense mechanism that hinders healing with people, issues or circumstances.

We are all God’s fabulous creations but we all have a sinful nature and live in a sinful world. Without making a conscious decision to accept God’s invitation for salvation we will live as counterfeits who masquerade as original masterpieces.

Becoming a Christian doesn’t automatically qualify us as “showcase-ready” either.

Jesus said, “I have told you all of this so that in ME you may have perfect peace of heart and mind. Here on earth you will have trials, sorrows and distress; but be courageous, be confident, be filled with joy for I have overcome the world,” (John 16:33)

Our Victory Comes by Intimately Knowing Our Creator.

I believe that jealousy is simply not understanding God’s timing.

I am still learning this. I desire to live 100% of me—Original formed by Elohim.

When you create judgement-free art, when you aren’t concerned about its outcome, you nourish a place inside that is hungry to create for the joy of expression. Validation or approval isn’t necessary.

What would we create if we were completely free? Who could we be if we were naked and vulnerable before God and others? Identifying denial is a strategic weapon in accepting the Masterpiece that you already are. Authenticity is a powerful witness to the presence of God in our lives.


Vernice is a keynote speaker, preacher/artist, wife, mother, mentor, entrepreneur, fashion designer and author. Stop by her artistic ministry today: I Am Vernice



  • Wow. This is inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing her words. Vernice, you’re amazing. God bless.

    • Vernice
      2 years ago

      💖😊💖 Carolina! Becoming God’s Masterpiece: Priceless
      Blessings Vernice

  • Cece
    2 years ago

    Wow, Vern. Beautiful words. Thanks for this!

  • Tina
    2 years ago

    Vern this was a God inspired written piece of art – thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Erica
    2 years ago

    Love this Mama V! Thanks for sharing and being the authentic YOU. Xoxo

  • Denise Boucher
    2 years ago

    Thank you Vern,
    Tried and true! This rich revelation comes at a perfect time for me! I certainly appreciate your consistent commitment to seeing lives transformed for the Glory of God and the advancement of the Kingdom of God!

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