A Writing Respite Awaits

My soul is asking for a brief writing respite and I’m going to be intentional about honoring the call. I’m resting from blog writing to prepare for the Northwestern Christian Writer’s Conference mid-July.  


Here’s a sample of what I’ll be working on…

  • Enjoying my daughter who graduates from Rhode Island School of Design in June. (I gave birth to Bianca at 22!) 
  • Cultivating important family time with my other two college-age daughters.

What Does Intentional Rest Look Like to You? How Does it Make You Feel?

  • I’ve teamed up with author Bonnie Gray to promote her upcoming book release, Whispers of Rest. 


Detoxing from social media and blog writing is where I’m headed, besides supporting the Whispers of Rest book campaign, I’ll be minimal on tweeting, Instagramming, or updating my Facebook Page. (Good for the brain, I hear.)

Check out Holly Chavez’s 9 Positive Benefits of a Social Media Detox.





A Writing Respite Allows Artists to Intentionally Rest For Sacred Purpose


Margaret Feinberg wrote, “I became addicted to Twitter feeds and Instagram feeds and Facebook feeds that left me soul-starved. I started to believe in online friendships more than living, breathing ones. I started to believe the screen was my savior.” 40 days of intentional rest means I have time to live through the 5-senses and look my loved ones in the eyes.

Praying you assess your own relationship to all things digital.  

Hoping you’ll all understand the importance of reading the most important book: The Holy Bible. 

Challenging you to attend church beyond a “once-a-week” experience. There’s just something amazing about digging into the Word of God through intentional Bible study. 

If the Lord wills it, I’ll see you all in July!

xo, Jess



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