Write 31 Days

A Beautiful Fray: 31 Days of Hope and Healing

An honest unraveling of our hearts allows our souls to accept what has been hard in life.

Honest unraveling’s lead to clarity. We’re honest before God, open to healing.

I’m joining Crystal Stine for the #Write31days challenge. For the next 31 days, I’ll be writing on healing and hope.

You’ll find my snippets of hope on the Write 31 Days page of my blog.





A life-line finds you.
You undo the red satin bow.
You unbox the gift of grace.
You reach in, find a tangled mess.
You pull out twisted filaments.
Glints of golden thread intrigue you.
You hold one end.
You see the tangles of trespass and folly.
Feel the slub of uncertainty, of weariness.
Knots of old memory, naked and exposed.

This flawed parable longs to come undone.

When unwoven, you realize it leads you to the heart of God.
It longs for healing. It longs for redemption.
You are beautifully frayed.
Don’t feel ashamed of the tangled mess of yesterday.
Expose your heart.
Unraveling before His eyes will lead to your healing.



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