ReWriting Hope

Evergreen trees are bedazzled with lights.  Holiday wreaths hang from our front doors.  The gift-buying has begun.  Everyone’s blogging on peace, joy, and love.  But I can’t seem to get my mind off the emotional heartache that resonates regardless of the holiday season.

It was on my heart to connect with friends and family recently, so I wrote a couple of postcards of encouragement.  They thanked me for my words.  And they were courageous enough to be transparent about their December struggles:

  • It was a pleasant surprise that I badly needed. I’ve been feeling really sad and lonely these past few days, at times it felt really intense.  This card helped me feel really appreciated.
  • It’s been a rough couple of months. I cry a lot. And I’ve been having more anxiety. But, I’m coping the best way I know how.

So I’ve got hope on my heart right now.  Hope for families dealing with the shock of violence that has recently plagued our hurting nation.  Hope for those struggling with the sadness or loneliness that can intersperse itself amidst holiday cheer.  Hope for strength when bad habits snuff out willpower.

It is HOPE that Quells the Howling Cold of Winter.

Hope in my own heart revolves around new-found goals. I’m evaluating the highs and lows of 2015.  I’m assessing my failures and looking at recent personal triumph.

Dreams and goals are worth pursuing every new year, but I bet we’d reach them a lot sooner if we evaluated our pasts.  Because in order to make better ‘here-and-now’ moments we must look at where we’ve failed ourselves.

Rewriting Hope

I love how authors develop unimaginable plot twists.  I love how good fiction lingers into real life. And there’s nothing better than a strong, female lead who can empower a reader to change something inside herself.

You may not be a Pulitzer-prize winning author, but you do have the ABILITY to author the rest of your life.

You can write out your ‘Never-Again’ moments and toss them into the #fire.

Re-write what’s not working.  Rid yourself of the characters who’ve darkened your life story.  Be your own heroine, one who confidently stands before personal conflict refusing to back down. A good character learns something valuable in the middle of her story; she reshapes herself amidst her life-story.

You can write down new hopes and dreams. You can re-write your life.  And if you aren’t satisfied with your current story, then lady, I implore you to revise it.

You Have What It takes To Re-Write:

  • fear and anxiety
  • rejection or self-loathing

You Can Edit-Out:

  • unhealthy relationships or toxic antagonists

Jesus authors our FAITH; he says that he will perfect our personal faith-stories

(Hebrews 12:2, NKJV).

But we must do some work too.  We must delve into our backstories.

It is essential to look at the backstory of our lives so that we can re-write the events that aren’t working.

Will you DECIDE to revise what isn’t working?

Let’s resolve WHY we struggle with loneliness.  Let’s ask for HOLY PEACE when anxiousness tries to make an appearance.

Will you take ownership of your ONE AND ONLY story?

Will you hold on to HOPE by gifting yourself with the power of a PERSONAL REWRITE this holiday season?



  • Develyn Gutierrez
    3 years ago

    Thank you

  • Mary Gemmill
    3 years ago

    Jessica I am a new subscriber and I am so very glad to have read this post as it touched the tender struggling place in my heart as Christmas approaches and life is tough.
    I know I am going to love reading your posts.
    Thank you for writing something OTHER THAN the normal, same old posts.
    Some of us need posts that are REAL for REAL people, who struggle.
    May God bless you and inspire you as you write that your words might touch many lonely hurting hearts, and bring a measure of PEACE,
    Mary, in New Zealand.

    • Jessica Galán
      3 years ago

      Mary, hope is the only thing that we have in this life–so thankful for the hope of Christ–who extinguishes all fear, dread, and loneliness.

      Be Well, friend.


  • Deidra
    3 years ago

    “…the power of a personal rewrite.” Thank you for this encouraging reminder that we get to participate in our story. Yes, God is good, and he gives us what we need, but we need to act on what he’s promised and live into that preferred future he’s outlined for us. What a great word today!

    • Jessica Galán
      3 years ago

      : ) Deidra!

  • Marilyn Yocum
    3 years ago

    Excellent. Takes COURAGE to pick up the pen and dare to rewrite, to dare to reclaim one’s story.

    • Jessica Galán
      3 years ago

      Hi Marilyn! I bought a special Le Pen to reclaim! -jess

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